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  • The price of the puppy is determined by the championship pedigree, bloodlines, size, structure and confirmation of the DAM.

  • Price of Puppy includes Limited AKC Registration, 1-year health guarantee on all genetic disorders, docked tail, removal of dew claws, first set of vaccinations and microchip.

  • A $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy.  Deposits can be paid via the following:

  • Venmo: @cayce-feemster​

  • Apple Pay: 817-689-5445

  • PayPal: (a fee applies if using goods and services)

         Good Dog:

  • Puppy selection is done at 8 weeks, in the order of deposit submission.  The individual that placed their deposit with the earliest date has first selection and that process is continued until all puppies have been reserved.  ​

  • Health Guarantee -

  • Team Feem Breeders provides a one-year health guarantee on all of our puppies.  This health guarantee covers puppy death or medical treatments up to the cost of the puppy.  The health guarantee covers genetic health issues and does not cover accidental deaths.  

  • Puppy owners should be aware of the following to protect their puppies:  Puppies should not be taken to public places until all three sets of vaccinations are given.  Parvo lives on services for up to seven years.  Other dogs carry it around on their feet and humans carry it around on our shoes.  Parvo is the deadliest disease a puppy can contract.  ​

  • Puppy owners should be aware that puppies like to chew on everything including bedding and toys.  If a puppy eats something that is not intended to be eaten, it can cause an intestinal blockage and if not caught early can result in the death of the puppy.  

  • Deposits to hold a puppy are non-refundable after the birth of the puppy, but may be applied to a future litter for up to 12 months, providing your puppy pick is less than 6 weeks of age when you make your decision.  

  • Registration and shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

  • The buyer agrees that they are required to register the microchip with AKC reunite, feed the puppy according to feeding instructions, put the puppy on a heart worm preventative and continue puppy vaccinations. 

  • If at anytime the buyer decides they can no longer keep the puppy or dog, they are required to surrender the puppy to Team Feem Breeders or an alternative plan most be agreed upon with the Buyer and Seller. 

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