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- For Sale -

Adult doberman looking for a loving home.

Looking for a puppy?  


Meet Kang.  He is looking for a family to adopt him.  He is 11 months old.  He is potty trained and crate trained.  He knows basic commands and he likes to play with his ball.  He is intact.  His current family does not have any other dogs but when he goes on walks he gets along well with other animals.  AKC registered.  Parents are Obed and Zonie - SOLD JD 

- Guardianship Program -

Are you looking for an adult female to join your family?  Maybe you need a playmate for a dog that you already own.  You might want to consider our guardianship program.  This program allows families that live within 2 hours of Boyd, Texas the opportunity to house one of our breeding females.  Its a win win situation for both sides.  This program allows qualified families the benefit of having a top quality doberman with an excellent pedigree that is socalized.  Their is no adoption cost for the female.  The guardianship family is required to sign a contract that agrees Team Feem Breeders has the right to breed the female until they decide to retire her.  When the female is retired, Team Feem Breeders transfers ownership of the female to the guardianship family and she gets to live out her remaining years as your pet.  The guardianship family is required to provide an agreed upon quality food, a monthly heart worm preventative, and routine vet visits.  Team Feem Breeders covers all costs and vet visits associated with breeding, and whelping.  The female would need to return to the Team Feem facility while in heat to be bred for approximately one week and then a few days prior to delivery and up to 6-8 weeks post delivery.  This allows our females the opportunity to get more individualized love and attention and they get to live the best life possible in your home.  If you are interested in this opportunity you will need to be able to provide a loving and caring home that allows our females both inside and outside time and daily attention.  You should be an experienced dog owner and able to work within the constraints of a partnership.  


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We currently have 1 female in the guardianship program. 

Azul currently lives in North Texas with the Richards family.  This family bought a male in 2022 and wanted a playmate for him but didn't want to restart the puppy stage.  They provide a great home for Azul.  She loves to sleep in bed with them and romps and stomps in the back yard with her brother.

Ali is actively looking for a a guardianship family.  She is sweet and mild mannered.  She walks well on a leash and is potty trained.  She is playful and would make a great companion playmate.  



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