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Our Sire, Boaz (The Kinsmen Redeemer) comes from Sierra Dobermans and has the world renowned De Grande Vinko pedigree.  De Grande Vinko has won multiple championships and has an outstanding record.  His dogs have competed in breed, agility, and IDC and received championships from all over the world.   Boaz's grandfather, Oskamit was named the best doberman of the World during his prime.  Boaz's litter mates are often used as Seeing Eye dogs due to their temperament and trainability. He weighs 115 pounds, and has a desirable athletic stocky frame.  He is confident and deters intruders, but has a laid back personality that loves attention and great with children.  He enjoys chasing our four wheeler through the pastor and wrestling with our other dogs.  He is a loyal companion to our family.


Genetic Testing 

Inkedboaz genetic test_LI.jpg


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