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Ariel Del Nasi weighs 85 lbs and is a descendent of Thor Del Nasi from the Del Nasi Kennel located in Slovenia . The Del Nasi Kennel has repeatedly produced Dobermans that have competed in and won championship titles in IDC, AIAD, Caliandro, World Dog Show and the European Dog Show. Ariel has a majestic appeal to her. She is big boned and deep chested.  She has produced excellent puppies that make great family members.  She loves to play ball with anyone that will throw it.  She is very attentive and has a willingness to please.   She is very playful and enjoys romping with all of our dogs including our Dachshund "Taffy".   

Genetic Testing

ariel genetics.PNG


Genetic Testing

ariel -ace dad.PNG

Ariel's Dad - Champion - Thor Del Nasi

pedigree -ariel.JPG

Puppies from Previous Litters


Ariel Playing Ball

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