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Need help getting  your new pet to your home?  Try ground shipping.

Shippers I have used in the past...

Delifurry Pet Transport - Dylan McCain   877-335-4387

The Flight Nannies - Genia Lemanski     817-301-6505

7 Styles Pup Transport Service                 737-314-2523

Ring to Ring Transport                                936-994-2899

Matthew                                                         817-210-7802

Jon                                                                   682-465-7388

Or use Citizen Shipper



STEP 2: Complete the form

STEP 3: Get my address so you can get an accurate qoute and make sure the details work with my schedule.

STEP 4: Select the driver/qoute that you like the best.

STEP 5:  Use my coupon code TEEMFEEM40

STEP 6: Notifiy me regarding the pickup details.

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