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$500 deposit to reserve -payable via paypal, applepay, or venmo


Born: Oct 8, 2021
Pick up: Dec 4th 

Male Pick 1 - Christine Fong (5)

Male Pick 2 -Offie Wiseman (5)

Male Pick 3 - Kacy Ziegler (5)

Male Pick 4 - Stephen Lee (5)

Female Pick 1  - R. Kast (5) 12/4 11 am

Female Pick 2 - Kimberly Schapp (5)flying trans 12/5 5:00 pm

Female Pick 3 -Sergio (5) 

2nd litter male dobie.jpg

Sheba-Boaz Pup from litter 2

Current Litter Oct '21

Sheba is a sister to Ruthie and Abigail (retired Dams) and has great genetics and equivalent size (85-90 pounds).   She is very big boned and deep chested.  Sheba is very gentle, happy and a great sounding alarm to visitors.  She is also a good mother and has raised some very good puppies.  Sheba comes from Spartan Dobermans.  Her father was used as a narcotics dog for the Fort Worth Police department.  Sheba is owned by my mom (Carolyn) she lives a few miles away and her puppies are whelped at her house.    

Sheba genetics.PNG
abbi pedigree.PNG
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