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$1200 - $1500


 Litter Born 2/21/21
Puppies will go home April 16-18th in selection order 

Male 1 - Hannah Sprague (5) 4/16 3:30 pm
Male 2 - Aigul Galeeva (5) 4/18 1:00 pm
Female 1 - Jenny L - orange
Female  2- Nina - White
Female 3 - Dale Read (2) 4/16 5:00 pm
Female 4 - Joe Sutton (10) 4/16 6:30 pm
Female 5 - Jackie Calhoun 5(BR) 5/17 10:00 am


Athena is a cracker jack.  She is very personable and active.  She LOVES to play with both people and other dogs.  Athena also likes to ride in the car.  She is very structurally sound but in a little bit smaller body.  She currently weighs 68 pounds but is still growing.  She has natural ears and acts as an example to owners that prefer the natural look.  As shown in her pedigree she has Del Nasi, De Grande Vinko, Kimbertal and Noblesshof in her genetic line.  

InkedAthena genetics_LI.jpg
Athena Pedigree.PNG
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