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Feemster Family

Team Feem Breeders

Team Feem Breeders is a family-owned business that works to grow quality dogs to share with others. 
Mark is a Fort Worth Fireman that strives to help others during times of need.  Cayce has dedicated her time to education and is currently working to develop the option of virtual education to students wanting to pursue a non-traditional school.  We have five children who love the outdoors and animals.  Along with our 12 acres, we also lease property and raise cattle.  
Cayce grew up with Dobermans as a child and when it was time to select a family pet, Dobermans were the obvious choice.  Dobermans are loyal and loving dogs that make great pets for any family. 
We started breeding dogs in 2017 as a family activity that allowed all our children to participate.  We named ourselves Team Feem Breeders because we do work as a team incorporating each family member to raise quality puppies.

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Team Feem Breeders

Our family home sits on 12 acres in Boyd, Texas.  It has been a blessing for us to live out in the country where our children and animals are free to run around and play.  We are a livestock centered family that enjoys raising cattle and goats.  We are active in our community and strive to raise our children to understand responsibility and family values.

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Taffy - "our dog that stays little"

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